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Kaitlyn Young


Kaitlyn Young is a best selling author, social media management company founder, and business coach. She is also an overcomer who has overcome multiple obstacles and is still just in her mid-twenties.  Her mission in life is to help people find their voice and purpose through the power of words and video on Social Media. Her first book, "Unmasking the Greatness Within" was released in March 2022.

Camille Ann Sanchez

 Multi-Media Content Executive

Camille is a content creator, graphic designer, and management professional. She has been dedicated to excellence since her arrival at our company. Camille has earned a reputation for being authentic and dedicated to the work she does. Camille's passion is creating content that engages people in conversations about our client's vision. Her work ranges from graphic design, Video editing all the way to social media management, we are very blessed to have her on our team!